Below are the key events of the 8th World Investment Forum that will be livestreamed.


Livestreaming schedule (Abu Dhabi time, GMT+4)
DateTime (GMT+4)RoomEvent and link
Monday, 16 October10:30-13:00Hall 6/7Opening and Global Leaders Summit I
Monday, 16 October13:45-15:15Hall 4 Room 12Opening of the Investment in Agrifood Systems Forum: Investing in transforming agrifood systems
Monday, 16 October15:30 - 17:30Hall 4 Room 12Global Leaders Investment Summit II
Wednesday, 18 October10:00-12:00Hall 4 Room 12Investment Ministerial Roundtable: Investment for sustainable development
Wednesday, 18 October15:00-17:00Hall 4 Room 12Enterprise Ministerial Roundtable: Entrepreneurship for sustainable development
Thursday, 19 October10:00-12:00Hall 4 Room 12Structurally Weak and Vulnerable Economies (SWVE) Ministerial and Business Executive Roundtable
Friday, 20 October11:30-13:30Hall 4 Room 12Heads of Delegation Roundtable and Closing Ceremony