The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is the pre-eminent global platform for investment and development. The Forum devises strategies and solutions for global investment and development challenges. It facilitates multi-stakeholder collective action to stimulate investment in development. The Forum offers a unique opportunity to influence investment-related policymaking, shape the global investment environment, and to network with global leaders in business and politics.

Previous editions took place in Accra (2008), Xiamen (2010), Doha (2012), Geneva (2014), Nairobi (2016) and Geneva (2018). The Forum was set up to fill the investment institutional gap in the international economic governance architecture. Since its inception it has served as the leading forum to leverage investment policy for sustainable development.

The Forum biennually gathers more than 5,000 investment stakeholders from 160 countries. The stakeholder landscape encompasses high-level participants from the global investment community, including Heads of State and Government, ministers, executives of global companies and stock exchanges, sovereign wealth fund managers, investment treaty negotiators, heads of investment promotion agencies, international investment location experts, heads of international organizations, parliamentarians, civil society representatives, eminent scholars, and the international media.


Organized under the overall theme Investing in Sustainable Development, the Forum will address global challenges for international investment in the new era of globalization and industrialization. Investor stakeholders will gather to explore ways and means to further leverage investment for growth and sustainable development. 

In 2020 the World Investment Forum will focus on three key issue facing the global investment-development community:

  • How can investment stakeholders more rapidly integrate sustainability into investment decisions and business operations to create long term value and development impact?
  • How can governments and business respond to the far-reaching development consequences of technological change and the impact on investment?
  • What are the implications of increasing fragmentation in international economic policymaking, especially in trade and investment?


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Venue and date

6 to 10 December, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Visa Requirements

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The event is free but registration compulsory – registration opening in March.