Our Legacy of Good Imperative

Private Sector Solutions for Sustainable Development

Our Legacy of Good Imperative

Thursday, 25 October, 14:00-15:00; 3rd Floor, Bulding E, Exibition Area

Dell Technologies

The world is changing fast and what the future will look like is up to all of us. By 2030, we expect:

  • 8.5 billion people on the planet, with an enormous rise in middle class consumption habits
  • An increase in environmental pressures, as well as demands for water and food
  • Increased social pressures, including the challenges of global poverty and meeting the world’s healthcare needs

Many customers and vendors already recognize there is both risk and opportunity in this future. They are looking for partners who understand their priorities and have an eye on the needs of the future. Who they do business with is in many cases as important as what they are buying. Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Find out how we are meeting the challenges of 2030 and building a Legacy of Good.

Speaker: Ms. Niraja Srinivasan, Vice President


Event Managers: Ms. Christiane Stepanek-Allen & Mr. Oktawian Kuc
Contact email: christiane.stepanek@unctad.org, oktawian.kuc@un.org