World Investment Forum 2010

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum 2010 was held in Xiamen, China. World Investment Forum 2010 was attended by more than 1,800 participants from 120 countries and 16 international organizations. Amongst the participants were 9 heads of State, 4 heads of international organizations, 79 ministerial-level officials, 116 senior business executives, and more than 250 other senior representatives from the public and private sector (including heads of investment promotion agencies, academics, and others).

In its 8 high-level events and conferences, the Forum brought together stakeholders from all angles of the investment community , including policy-makers, investors, negotiators, practitioners, investment promotion officials, solicitors, senior counsels, academic experts and representatives of civil society, as well as stock exchange executives and regulators, portfolio investors and sovereign debt managers.

The Forum received extensive press coverage, with more than 250 accredited journalists. The Forum reached out to millions of people, as its opening ceremony and World Leaders’ Investment Summit were broadcast live worldwide by CCTV and CCTV International. The Ministerial Roundtable, the High-level Tripartite Conference and the 2010 IIA Conference were webcasted. (Updated materials, press clippings, videos and photos of all of these events can be found on this website).

The Forum achieved its main overall objective, namely to better understand the development challenges and opportunities that the post-crisis investment landscape entails. It also provided inputs into the formulation of a new generation of national and international investment policies that foster sustainable development and the achievement of the MDGs in the new phase of globalization.

The World Investment Forum 2010 also stood out in offering unique opportunities for cross-fertilization and networking between a wide range of investment stakeholders, allowing for the initiation of policy initiatives, partnerships and concrete investment projects. The numerous high-level meetings and encounters, including in bilateral contexts, contributed to making the World Investment Forum 2010 a milestone event for the global investment community.

World Investment Forum 2010 Report

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