7th WIF Videos

There are many more videos to come

Monday, 18 October 

WIF Opening Summit: [Full Video]

Global Leaders Investment Summit 1: Investing in sustainable recovery [Full Video]

UNCTAD-WAIPA Exchange Platform: Gearing up the digitalization of investment promotion: strategies, good practices and lessons learnt (in partnership with EY)

Promoting Entrepreneurship for Migrants and Refugees for Inclusive and Sustainable Development (in partnership with IOM and UNHCR) [Full Video]

Towards the establishment of the World Investment for Development Alliance (in partnership with WEF) [Full Video]

High-level Roundtable: Beyond the bottom line – how can family business advance the sustainability agenda? (in partnership with FBN)

Academic Track: Opening Plenary: Setting the future research and policy agenda on international investment and development (in partnership with UNU-WIDER, AIB, Oxford University, NYU Abu Dhabi) [Full Video]

International Sustainable Investment Fund Conference [Full Video]

Family Business Conference: Accelerating impact through family offices (organized by FBN)

Global Investment Game Changers Summit: Investment and NIR4.0: Development implications [Full Video]

Tuesday, 19 October 

IPA Executive Meeting: New investment strategies in the post-pandemic era (in partnership with WAIPA) [Full Video]

Annual Investment Meeting 2021 (organized by AIM)

Family Business Conference: Quantum leadership (organized by FBN)

Global Investment Promotion Conference: (in partnership with WAIPA)

  • Promoting investment in the health sector (in partnership with WHO) [Full Video]
  • Attracting and retaining investment in tourism (in partnership with UNWTO) [Full Video]

Scaling Innovation in the New Health Economy: Lessons learned from the Asia-Pacific region (in partnership with FutureProofing Healthcare) [Full Video]

Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds Dialogue: Leveraging institutional investment for the post-pandemic recovery [Full Video]

UN Investment Promotion Awards [Full Video]

The Role of Derivative Exchanges in Sustainable Development: Embedding sustainability into derivatives (in partnership with the World Federation of Exchanges) [Full Video]

Talking Business Eastern Europe and Central Asia (in cooperation with JCC) [Full Video]

Family Business Conference: Enabling next generation legacies (organized by FBN)

Promoting Investment in Mediterranean Countries: The power of networking (organized by ANIMA) [Full Video]

Family Business Conference: Next generation (NxG) award (organized by FBN)

Global Leader’s Investment Summit: International production and productive capacity: National strategies and global collaboration [Full Video]

Symposium on FDI Statistics and Development Impact: Better data for better policy advice and policy making

Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Global Dialogue (in partnership with UNGC, UNEP and PRI) [Full Video]

Tripartite Dialogue of Parliamentarians, Policy Makers and Business Leaders (in partnership with the IPU) [Full Video] 

Sustainability Reporting: Enterprise reporting as the basis for sustainable investment

High-level Panel on Multinational Enterprises and Women Empowerment [Full Video]

Impact Investing in Emerging Markets: Scaling up impact investing in emerging markets (in partnership with The Blended Capital Group) [Full Video]

High-level International Investment Agreement Conference: International investment treatymaking in the new era of global economy [Full Video]

Showcasing Reforms to Promote SDG Investment: Experiences from Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador [Full Video]

Aligning multinational fi rms for the “decade of action”: a real prospect or wishful thinking? (organized by AIB) [Full Video]

ISAR Honors: Promoting good practices and initiatives in reporting by companies on their contributions to the SDGs

Academic Track: Daily round-up [Full Video]

Wednesday, 20 October

Family Business Conference: Global governance initiative (organized by FBN)

Facilitating the SEZ-City Link (in partnership with UN-Habitat) [Full Video]

Talking Business: Middle East and North Africa (in cooperation with CASCI)

Family Business Conference: Leveraging new philanthropic models to achieve the SDGs (organized by FBN)

Sustainability Bonds: Innovative tools for financing the SDGs (in partnership with Climate Bonds Initiative) [Full Video]

Family Business Conference: IMD global family business award (organized by FBN)

UNCTAD Sustainable Fund Awards 2021

Launch of the UN Global Sustainable Finance Observatory

Special Economic Zones in Africa: Driving economic transformation in the AfCFTA environment (in partnership with GIZ) [Full Video]

Securities Market Regulators and Sustainable Investment (in partnership with IOSCO) [Full Video]

International Project Finance: Boosting investment in infrastructure and the SDGs (in partnership with the G20 Global Infrastructure Hub and Project Finance International) [Full Video]

High-level Interregional Dialogue on Facilitating Investment in the SDG Projects (in partnership with CAIPA, EAC and SADC Secretariats) [Full Video]

Science Parks and Areas of Innovation Models: Investing in innovation-based development (in partnership with International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) [Full Video]

Digital Globalization: The new frontier for MNEs (organized by AIB) [Full Video]

Gender Equality in Listed Corporations (in partnership with IFC) [Full Video]

Ministerial Roundtable on Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Recovery Post-COVID-19 [Full Video]

The Interplay Between International Taxation and Investment: Evaluating the implications of G20’s promoted changes (in partnership with WU Global Tax Policy Center) [Full Video]

Growing Digital FDI (in partnership with WEF) [Full Video]

Sustainable Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Leveraging the development impact part I (in partnership with WUSME) [Full Video]

Talking Business: Latin America (in cooperation with LATCAM) [Full Video]

Sustainable Internationalization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Leveraging the development impact part II (in partnership with EIBA and AIB) [Full Video]

Academic Track: Daily round-up [Full Video]

Thursday, 21 October

Green Islamic Finance (Green Sukuk) [Full Video]

Decent Work and Special Economic Zones: Africa Focus (in partnership with ILO) [Full Video]

Pandemic Preparedness Beyond COVID-19: Investing in vaccines production and supply for Low and Middle-Income Countries (in partnership with WHO) [Full Video]

Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development (in partnership with ICGN) [Full Video]

WAIPA World Investment Conference (organized by WAIPA)

  • Panel 1: A quarter century of investment promotion: success stories and the future outlook
  • Panel 2: Data-driven investment promotion: how data influences the world of IPAs
  • Panel 3: Business-oriented IPAs: high-end services and added value for investors [Full Video]
  • Awards Ceremony: Strengthening IPA Advocacy Services 2021 Awards [Full Video]

Panel Discussion on FDI Policies and Trends in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank (in partnership with IsDB and ICDT) [Full Video]

Leveraging Finance, Capital, and Policies for Climate Action in Emerging Markets: The role of banks (in partnership with OMFIF) [Full Video]

Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures Implementation and Climate Action (in partnership with IFC and Bloomberg Foundation) [Full Video]

Working Together Through a Global Alliance of Special Economic Zones (GASEZ) [Full Video]

Ministerial Roundtable on Investment for Sustainable Development [Full Video]

Sustainable Investment and Natural Capital (in partnership with Planet Tracker) [Full Video]

G20 and Investment: A call for investing in People, Planet and Prosperity (in partnership with ISPI-T20) [Full Video]

Can Digital Government Deliver Development Impact [Full Video]

Future Proofing Sustainable Global Value Chains in the Post Pandemic Era (organized by AIB) [Full Video]

Financial Inclusion and Policy Support for MSMEs: Building accounting capacity to increase the financial literacy and facilitate MSMEs access to financing

Talking Business: Africa (in cooperation with SABC) [Full Video]

Entrepreneurship in the New Health Economy: The rise of medtech in Latin America (in partnership with Lavca) [Full Video]

Academic Track Closing Panel: The future of research on international investment and production [Full Video]

The Evolving Role of Transparency in Privately Owned Family Firms (in partnership with FBN) [Full Video]

Academic Track: Daily round-up [Full Video]

Friday, 22 October

Showcasing Reforms to Promote SDG Investment: Experiences from Seychelles and Uzbekistan [Full Video]

Capital as a Force for Good: Systemic and Inclusive Change [Full Video]

The Investment, Trade and Development Nexus in the Post-COVID-19 Era (in partnership with the WTO) [Full Video]

Entrepreneurship in the New Health Economy: Unlocking digital health innovation in Africa [Full Video]

Capital as a Force for Good: Strategic Capital Allocation [Full Video]

LDC Ministerial and Business Executive Roundtable: The role of FDI in economic recovery (in partnership with UN-OHRLLS) [Full Video]

Capacity-building for FDI practitioners (organized by WAIPA) [Full Video]

Capital as a Force for Good: Delivering Multistakeholder Change at Scale [Full Video]

Special Economic Zones as Engines for the Sustainable Development Goals: The concept of SDG model zones (in partnership with UNIDO) [Full Video]

Investing in Industry 4.0: Investment policy implications of the new industrial revolution [Full Video]

Sustainable Investment Cases for Emerging Markets [Full Video]

Roundtable on Regional Integration and Investment Promotion: Promoting FDI for regional integration (in partnership with Regional Commissions of the UN) [Full Video]

Forum Closing: Ambassadors’ Roundtable on Investing in Sustainable Development: The way forward [Full Video]