25 Oct 2018


Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have been mooted as viable vehicles to involve private investment in advancing SDG objectives in public sectors. However, PPPs not only present opportunities but also risks for countries using them. People-First PPPs were introduced to ensure that the interests of people take precendence over other considerations in the execution of a PPP project. The meeting, organized in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will provide a unique, multi-stakeholder platform for an inclusive discussion of policy tools to deal with this dilemma, allowing member State representatives, experts, and other stakeholders (including private sector and affected communities) to share experience and lessons learned and exchange best practice.

Issues for the debate:

  • What are key expectations for People-First PPPs?
  • What are initial experiences with People-First PPPs? What lessons have been learned?
  • What is the investment policy dimension of People-First PPPs and what can be gauged for national and international investment policymaking?

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