Investment Promotion Conference

23 Oct 2018
15:00 – 18:00

Investment Promotion Conference

Session 1: Promoting Investment in the SDGs – Connecting the Actors

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 will require huge investments. UNCTAD estimates that SDG-related investment needs in developing countries alone will be around US$3.9 trillion annually. Reducing the US$1.4 trillion of current investment leaves an annual investment gap of US$2.5 trillion in developing countries.

In this session, heads of outward investment agencies and institutions (OIAs) and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) will present and discuss ways in which bankable SDG-projects can be prepared, promoted, and financed and how different institutions together with companies can partner to realize SDG-projects.

The session will highlight opportunities and novel practices in promoting investment in SDG projects and ways that could foster partnerships between OIAs and IPAs, including agencies from low-income countries, in the promotion and financing of SDG projects.

Session 2: Building Sustainable Cities

With two-thirds of the world population set to live in urban areas by 2050, sustainable urban development is a fundamental component to the successful implementation of the SDGs. Developing accessible infrastructure, affordable housing and suitable facilities will not be possible without private sector involvement. At the same time, private engagement in the provision of public services is highly sensitive and poses a challenge to city policymakers. This session, in cooperation with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), will join city leaders, developers, investors, and architects in a discussion on the role of urban development in achieving the SDGs, and how cities and IPAs can better promote and facilitate private investment for this purpose.


Issues for the debate:

Session 1:

  • Preparation of bankable SDG project proposals by IPAs and OIAs
  • Marketing tools for SDG projects and solutions to finance SDG projects with relatively low returns and high risks
  • Benefits of partnerships between institutions such as OIAs and IPAs and with the private sector

Session 2:

  • Opportunities and challenges for investment in sustainable urban projects in developing countries
  • Means for cities and IPAs to improve the promotion and facilitation of investment
  • Key lessons from best practice, and effective multi-stakeholder coordination arrangements

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