24 Oct 2018
15:00 - 17:30


High-level Colloquium in the context of UN Day

Foreign direct investment can play a vital role in fragile and conflict-sensitive regions, thereby ensuring that peace and security lay the foundation for sustainable development. The combination of infrastructural disrepair, economic rout and lingering political uncertainty, however, act as a powerful disincentive to investment. At the same time, investment is indispensable to anchor down peace efforts and prevent conflict escalation. This presents a veritable conundrum: investors need to be coaxed to set up in an environment they would normally eschew as a crucial step to improve the environment for further investment. Policy planning and sequencing are of the essence to achieve this. Shoring up institutions is key to establishing the transparent and predictable business environment requisite for investment. Restoring confidence and rebuilding infrastructure are equally important contributors to swaying investor sentiment.

Co-organised with the United Nations Office in Geneva in the context of UN Day, the colloquium will discuss the role of investment – and how to attract it – to promote peace.

Issues for the debate:

  • Institutions, infrastructure, investment: getting the mix right for peace and security.
  • How can aid be turned into investment in unstable social and political environments?
  • What are the policy priorities to ensure optimal inclusivity in reconstructive efforts?
  • Limited budgets, boundless needs: how to prioritize sectoral and social needs in post-conflict situations.

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Event Manager: Mr. Alexandre Dabbou
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