2018 Programme

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Preliminary programme. Session times and venues are subject to change.
Day 1
22 Oct 2018

Official Opening of the Investment Village

The official opening of the Investment Village, involving high-level UN and partner country officials, will take place on 22 October at 14:00.   Event Manager: Mr. Massimo Meloni Contact email:...
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Grand Opening

The opening ceremony will take place in the presence of the highest-level representation from the host country, Switzerland, UNCTAD member States, the global business community, as well as other investment...
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Investment for the Sustainable Development Goals Held since 2002, the United Nations Investment Promotion Awards celebrate the exchange of best practice in investment promotion. The Awards will be presented to...
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GLOBAL INVESTMENT GAME CHANGERS SUMMIT: Pioneering solutions for a better world

Global Investment Game Changers Summit: Pioneering solutions for a better world New ideas can transform the world we live in and rewrite the rules and policies that govern it. Mobilizing...
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Ms. Juliet Anammah
Ms. Alexandra “Santu” Boëtius
Ms. Melissa Jun Rowley
Mr. Tadahiro Kawada
Mr. David Hanson
Ms. Barbara Kux

Welcome Reception and Cultural Performance

Day 2
23 Oct 2018

Global Leaders Investment Summit I: Investment in a new era of globalization

The Summit convenes Heads of State and government and CEOs of global companies to share their vision for the future. Their insights will set the tone for the rest of...
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Talking Business Eastern Europe and Central Asia

“Talking Business” are interactive sessions between governments and business. They provide a platform to showcase investment opportunities in countries, explore new investment horizons and interact with high-level country representatives. Participant...
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Mr. Hayk V. Hovhannisyan
Ms. Alena Perminava
H.E. Mr. Jamshed Khamidow
Dr. Dorit Sallis
Ms. Isabelle Durant
Mr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch


Launched in 2001, the UNCTAD-International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Investment Advisory Council brings together global leaders from the public and the private sphere to brainstorm on innovative means to increase...
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Antimicrobial resistant infections (AMR) are on the rise and pose a significant global risk. Developing countries, in particular, are vulnerable because they often lack key medical resources. The development of...
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Dr. Yoshinori Yamano
Dr. Rich Lawson
Professor Laura Piddock
Dr. Andreas Sandgren
Dr. Clemens Martin Auer
Mr. Tomotaka Goji
Dr. Niresh Bhagwandin
Mr. Kees de Joncheere
Mr. Christopher Egerton-Warburton
Dr. Anand Anandkumar
Dr. Marc Gitzinger
Ms. Jenny Hellman
Dr. Ranieri Guerra
Mr. Virander Paul


The United Nations have long recognized the contribution of sport to human and social progress and its member states reaffirmed the role of sport in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable...
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Ms. Stefany Hernandez
Ms. Samantha Murray
H.E. Ms. Rethabile Marumo
Ms. Marie Barsacq
Ms. Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor
Mr. Thomas Bach

Legislating for Sustainable Development

Tripartite between Parliamentarians, Government and Business Leaders As national legislators, parliaments have a vital role to promote investment in sustainable development and set appropriate regulatory frameworks. This role extends to...
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Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter
H.E. Mr. A. Kabikenov
Lord Waverley
Mr. Gheorghe Mocanu
Ms. Eva Kaili
Ms. Gabriela Cuevas Barron
Mr. Mukhisa Kituyi
Mr. Michael Møller
H.E. Mr. Zied Ladhari
H.E. Mr. Matrika Prasad Yadav

Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Global Dialogue

The Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) initiative – launched by UNCTAD, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) –...
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Mr. Urs Rüegsegger
Mr. Rashid Ali Al-Mansoori
Ms. Mary Porter Peschka
Ms. Olga Cantillo
Ms. Didem Nisanci
Ms. Nezha Hayat
Mr. Moremi Marwa
Ms. Nicky Newton King
Mr. Karim Hajji
Mr. Sunil Benimadhu
Mr. Mohamed Farid
Mr. Shaifur Rahman Mazumdar
Ms. Eva Halvarsson
Mr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai
Mr. Lauri Rosendhal
Mr. Jianjun Wang
Mr. Ravi Sethurathnam
Mr. Robert Scharfe
Ms. Bente Landsnes
Ms. Nandini Sukumar
Mr. Tim Mohin
Ms. Fiona Reynolds
Mr. Sandy Frucher
Mr. Eric Usher
Mr. Paul Andrews
Mr. Mohamed Omran

Empretec Director’s Meeting (by invitation only)

Representatives from the Empretec network will meet to review the activities carried out in the past twelve months and present their plans for the coming year. The meeting will also...
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Day 3
24 Oct 2018

Talking Business Africa I

“Talking Business” are interactive sessions between governments and business. They provide a platform to showcase investment opportunities in countries, explore new investment horizons and interact with high-level country representatives. Participant...
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Ms. Verena Utzinger
Mr. Thomas Seghezzi
H.E. Mr. Tjekero Tweya


Investment Policies and Practices for Global Value Chain Upgrading Connecting to global and regional production networks can provide SMEs and developing country firms significant opportunities to cater to new markets...
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GLOBAL LEADERS INVESTMENT SUMMIT II: Investment in a new era of industrialization

The second Summit will look into the impact of new industrialization. New industrialization (based on digitalization, robotics and big data) is bound to affect all aspects of the way in...
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The Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) promotes high quality and internationally comparable financial and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting by enterprises....
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Blockchains for Sustainable Development

Blockchain technologies may have a profound impact on development-oriented investment, not only by revolutionizing global payment systems but also through improvements to access to finance, supply chain management, digital identities...
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Ms. Vanessa Grellet
Mr. Hans Docter
Ms. Eva Kaili
Mr. Chris Fabian
Mr. Sander de Jong
Mr. Marius Jurgilas
Ms. Marta Piekarska
Mr. Changpeng “CZ” Zhao
Ms. Galia Benartzi
Prof. Dr. Jem Bendell
Mr. Louis de Bruin
Dr. Günther Dobrauz

THE GLOBAL I-GUIDES MEETING: How the Online Investment Guides Can Help Promote and Facilitate Investment

The online investment-guides have proven to be helpful tools for investment promotion agencies to attract better quality investment to these countries and develop their capacity for investment promotion. At the...
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Talking Business Africa II

“Talking Business” are interactive sessions between governments and business. They provide a platform to showcase investment opportunities in countries, explore new investment horizons and interact with high-level country representatives. Participant...
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Ms. Verena Utzinger
Mr. Mohato Seleke
Mr. Emmanuel Essis
Mr. Thomas Seghezzi
Ms. Isabelle Durant
Ms. Yewande Sadiku
H.E. Ms. Bogolo Joy Kenewendo


Event Manager: Mr. Alexandre Dabbou Contact email: alexandre.dabbou@unctad.org


Organized in collaboration with the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies   Event Manager: Ms. Natalia Guerra Contact email: natalia.guerra@unctad.org

High-level International Investment Agreements (IIA) Conference 2018

Going beyond IIAs: Fostering Coherence through Phase 3 of Reform Mobilizing investment and channelling it towards the SDGs require adequate policy frameworks, at both the international and national levels, and...
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Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret
Ms. Meg Kinnear
Mr. Cristian Rodriguez Chiffelle
Mr. Shaun Donnelly
Ms. Nathalie Bernasconi
Mr. Dilip Chenoy
Mr. Pascal Kerneis
Mr. Pradeep S. Mehta
Dr. Christoph Sprich
Mr. Surya Deva
Mr. Stephen Karingi
Mr. Marc Proksch
HE. Amb. Mr. Musa Kulaklikaya
Mr. Carlos M. Correa
Mr. Chanchal Chand Sarkar
Ms. Kate Gilmore
Mr. David Gaukrodger
Mr. El Hassane Hzaine
Mr. Urban Rusnák
Mr. Thierry Kalonji
Ms. Gail Mathurin
Ms. Treasure Maphanga
Ms. Vu Thi Chau Quynh
Mr. Ahmad Mousa Aljaghbeer
Mr. Hasan Aslan Akpinar
Mrs. Vilawan Mangklatanakul
Mr. Lukas Siegenthaler
Hon. Jayantha Chandrasiri Jayasuriya
Ms. Champika Malalgoda
Mr. Pablo Martinez Segrelles
Ms. Xolelwa Mlumbi-Peter
Ms. Niklasina Maria Kruger
Ms. Miriama Kiselyová
Ms. Jasmina Roskić
Dr. Ayedh H. Alotaibi
Ms. Marya Baranova
Mr. Ricardo De Urioste Samanamud
Ms. Yewande Sadiku
Mr. Ronald Roosdorp
Ms. Angela Dau-Pretorius
Mr. Bayarsaikhan Banzragch
Ms. Jovana Krunić
Mr. Fernando Mayer de Leeuw
Ms. Lantonirina Erika Ramananarivo
Mr. Manothong Vongsay
Ms. Betty Maina
Mr. Sulaiman
Mr. Boaz Fleischman-Alaluf
Mr. Jens Benninghofen
Ms. Muriel Lacoue-Labarthe
Ms. Maria Martin-Prat
Mr. Marcelo Salazar
Mr. Nicolas Palau van Hissenhoven
Mr. Vernon MacKay
Mr. Mahamady Koussoube
Mr. Abrão Miguel Árabe Neto
Ms. Samira Sulejmanovic
Mr. Simon Farbenbloom


High-level Colloquium in the context of UN Day Foreign direct investment can play a vital role in fragile and conflict-sensitive regions, thereby ensuring that peace and security lay the foundation...
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Promoting the social and economic inclusion of migrants and refugees in host countries  Entrepreneurship can be a means to integrate migrants and refugees into local economies and bolster their positive...
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Mr. Usman Iftikhar
Mr. Nayef Z. Stetieh
Mr. Volker Turk
Mr. Alfonso Abdo Felix
Ms. Yanki Tshering
Ms. Heloisa Menezes
Ms. Laura Thompson
H.E. Mr. Musa Ecweru

Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds Dialogue

Partnering for Long-term Sustainable Development Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) manage assets of over $6 trillion, and public-sector pension funds (PPFs) worldwide almost triple this figure. With a long-term investment horizon,...
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Mr. Jean Laville
Ms. Fiona Reynolds
Mr. Kevin Lu
Ms. Cate Ambrose
Ms. Renosi Mokate
Mr. Christopher Egerton-Warburton
Mr. Deepak Bagla
H.E. Mr. Belachew Mekuria
Ms. Eva Halvarsson
Mr. Uche Orji
Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Sinha
Mr. Torben Möger Pedersen
Mr. Shahmar Movsumov
Mr. Magnus Biling
Mr. Eugene O’Callaghan
Mr. Laurent Zylberberg


Organized together with the World Trade Organization (WTO), the high-level event will shed light on the evolving relationship between trade, investment and development in the new era of globalization and...
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Mr. Roberto Azevêdo
Mr. Mukhisa Kituyi


Mobilizing Investment in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Organized in collaboration with the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island...
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Mr. Thomas Seghezzi
Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam
H.E. Mr. Michael Katambo
H.E. Ms. Amelia Kyambadde
H.E. Mr. Charles J.P. Mwijage
H.E. Mr. Matrika Prasad Yadav
H.E. Mr. Moctar Ould Djay
H.E. Mr. Henry Mussa
H.E. Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh
H.E. Mr. Tefo Mapesela
H.E. Mr. Gabriel Curtis
H.E. Mr. Marcel Ilunga Leu
H.E. Mr. Jean-Marie Niyokindi
H.E. Ms. Hadizatou Rosine Coulibaly
H.E. Mr. Amir Hossain Amu


Commodity producers and users are increasingly focused on specific sustainability aspects of commodities and are exploring ways to address these across the value chain, including in the products they use...
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Ms. Norma Tregurtha
Ms. Vera Blei
Ms. Siobhan Cleary
Ms. Nandini Sukumar

ISAR Honours 2018

The ISAR Honours ceremony will award key new developments in the area of sustainability reporting and the SDGs, while celebrating 35 years of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts in...
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Hospitality and Cultural Event

Global Enterprise Registration (GER) Award

During the Hospitality and Cultural Event, the Global Enterprise Registration (GER) Awards will be presented. The Global Enterprise Registration portal (GER.co) is a world index of online business registration sites...
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Day 4
25 Oct 2018


Sustainable Investment Facilitation Policies and Practices In order to attract foreign direct investment, many countries have recognised the importance of focusing on domestic reforms in the area of investment facilitation...
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Ministerial Roundtable: Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

Part I: Entrepreneurship Policy: Challenges and Results Developing entrepreneurship is a key element of strategies that support the attainment of the SDGs, particularly SDG9, to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive...
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H.E. Ms. Clare Akamanzi
Mr. Jonathan Ortmans
Mr. Alejandro Delgado Ayala
Ms. Armgard Wippler
Ms. Heloisa Menezes
H.E Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori
H.E. Mr. Matia Kasaija
H.E. Mr. José Ramón Valente
H.E. Mr. Zayed R. Alzayani


Sustainability bonds, or “SDG bonds”, are fixed-income investments that can help bridge the SDG financing gap in developing countries. Specifically developed (and explicitly labelled) to fund projects that have positive...
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Mr. Aldo Romani
Mr. Jaime Buriticá
Ms. Julie Becker
Ms. Julia Haake
Ms. Libby Bernick
Ms. Rebecca Self
Mr. Gavin Power
Ms. Nezha Hayat
Mr. Sean Kidney

Roundtable on Regional Integration and Investment Policy

Promoting FDI for regional integration Most regional economic cooperation organizations consider FDI an important factor for sustainable economic development and regional integration. Some regional organizations and cooperative frameworks have been...
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Mr. Mohamed Chemingui
Mr. Kenan Bagci
Mr. José Palacín
Mr. Goran Svilanovic
Mr. Fahad H. Khan
Mr. Emir Djikic
ms. cecilia plottier
Mr. Stephen Karingi
Mr. Marc Proksch
Mr. Chanchal Chand Sarkar
Mr. Thierry Kalonji
Ms. Treasure Maphanga

Talking Business Middle East and North Africa

“Talking Business” are interactive sessions between governments and business. They provide a platform to showcase investment opportunities in countries, explore new investment horizons and interact with high-level country representatives. Participant...
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Mr. Bahaa El Attar
Dr. Sami Al Araji
H.E. Marwan Jassim Al Sarkal
Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani
Mr. Ahmad Arab
Mr. Nabil Itani

Ministers Meeting: Promoting Foreign Investment to LLDCs (by invitation only)

Organized in collaboration with the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries,Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) , this high-level event of...
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Mobilizing investment for Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in Africa

The 2018 World Investment Report identifies the challenges that developing countries will be facing to attract international investment for inclusive and sustainable industrial development. These challenges – as the report...
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MINISTERIAL ROUNDTABLE: 21st Century Global Investment Policymaking

A global policy environment that effectively mobilizes investment in sustainable development is more important than ever. In response to this challenge, more than 160 countries have used UNCTAD policy tools...
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Ms. Rkia Derham
Nora K. Terrado
H.E. Ms. Amelia Kyambadde
H.E. Dr. Kobsak Pootrakool
H.E. Mr. Zied Ladhari
H.E. Mr. Charles J.P. Mwijage
H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák
H.E. Ms. Ana Lehmann
H.E. Mr. Wera Mori
H.E. Ms. Sigrid Kaag
H.E. Mr. Matrika Prasad Yadav
H.E. Mr. Moctar Ould Djay
H.E. Mr. Henry Mussa
H.E. Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh
H.E. Mr. Tefo Mapesela
H.E. Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro
H.E. Mr. Gabriel Curtis
H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr
H.E. Mr. Marcel Ilunga Leu
H.E. Mr. Sorasak Pan
H.E. Mr. Jean-Marie Niyokindi
H.E. Mr. Harouna Kabore
H.E. Ms. Bogolo Joy Kenewendo


The Sustainable Development agenda is deeply aligned with the raisons d’être of values-based, impact-driven family businesses. Through quality job creation, fair contracts and ethical investments, responsible family businesses have earned...
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Mr. Alfonso Líbano Daurella
Mr. Louis de Meckenheim
Mr. Santiago Peralta
Ms. Carla Barboto
Mr. Winson Yeung
Ms. Lina Wang
Mr. Philip Aminoff
Mr. Antoine Fiévet

Smart Beta: Passive Investment Strategies for Sustainable Development

Portfolio investment that track one or more market indices is expected to cover 22 per cent of global assets by 2020. Within this “passive investment” space there is increasing talk...
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Ms. Adrienne Klasa
Mr. Aled Jones
Ms. Sonia Favaretto
Ms. Shameela Soobramoney
Mr. Jean-Maurice Ladure
Mr. James Lockhart Smith
Ms. Hannah Skeates
Mr. Hendrik Garz
Ms. Theresa Fogelberg

Empretec Women in Business Awards 2018

Organized together with UN Women and the Commonwealth Women Business Forum, the Empretec Women in Business Award are granted to women-owned businesses that have benefited from the business development services...
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Ms. Anya Berehzna
Prof Michele Coletti
Mr. Fabio Sofia
Mr. Jonathan Ortmans
Ms. Bisila Bokoko
Ms. Vanina Farber
Ms. Giselle Rufer
Ms. Rina J. Arráez Mogollón
Ms. Ana De León
Ms. Barbara Ofwono Buyondo
Ms. Uneiza Ali Issufo
Ms. Lama Sha’sha’a Abu Dahab
Ms. Chandra Vadhana R
Ms. Ndeye Fatou Njie
Ms. Rocio Castro Fernandez
Ms. Rosana Marques
Ms. Leah Diana Mitaba
Ms. Francesca Lavazza
19:00 - 21:00


Day 5
26 Oct 2018


Blended Capital: SDG Aligned Investment Opportunities in Developing Countries SDG aligned investing, a form of impact investing, incorporates social and environmental considerations front and centre in the decision-making criteria for...
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Special Economic Zones (SEZs) can be regarded as an investment in industrial infrastructure and a services provider to attract and facilitate foreign investment, integrate local firms into global value chains, promote export-oriented growth and generate employment. For many countries, these zones are an important instrument...
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Nora K. Terrado
H.E. Dr. Khazaee
Mr. Paban Chowdhury
Ms. Lelise Neme Sori
Mr. Timipre Sylva
Mr. Sultanaliyev Nurzhan Tokanovich
Mr. Helson Braga
Mr. Freddy Opsomer
Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem
Mr. D.S. Rawat

Creating more and better jobs through investment

Investment contributes most effectively to sustainable development when it maximizes the creation of high quality jobs in which the human rights of workers, the local community and consumers are respected....
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Ms. Prerna Soni
Ms. Andrea Saldarriaga
Mr. Ricardo Pedroza
Ms. Alana Lansiquot-Brice
Ms. Brooke Guven
Ms. Andrea Shemberg
Mr. Vic Van Vuuren
Mr. Ismail Ersahin
Mr. Boubacar Wargo
Mr. Adalberto Netto
Mr. Russell Curtis
Mr. Cristian Rodriguez Chiffelle


Blended finance uses a mix of public and private finance to fund projects with high development impact. Public finance is used to crowd in private sector financing that would otherwise...
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Mr. Roland Dominicé
Mr. Elliot Harris
Ms. Tenke Andrea Zoltani
Mr. Sam Choritz
Ms. Giselle Leung
Mr. Richard Amor
Mr. James Gifford
Ms. Maria Teresa Zappia
Mr. Paul Clements-Hunt

Ambassadors Roundtable on Investing in the SDGs

Investment is a key driver for sustainable development: attaining the SDGs will not be possible without investment. At the same time, investment is a matter that cuts across various issues,...
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H.E. Mr. LjupčoJivan Gjorgjinski
H.E. Mr. Walter Stevens
H.E. Mr. Farukh Akhter Amil
H.E. Mr. Juan Esteban Aguirre Martínez
H.E. Mr. Yury Ambrazevich
H.E. Ms. Athaliah Lesiba Molokomme
H.E. Mr. Eduardo Galvez
H.E. Mr. Yu Jianhua
H.E. Mr. Diego Aulestia Valencia
H.E. Mr. Negash Kebret Botora
H.E. Ms. Cheryl Spencer
H.E. Mr. Salim Baddoura
H.E. Ms. Monique T.G. Van Daalen
H.E. Mr. R.D.S. Kumararatne
H.E. Mr. Mikael Anzén
H.E. Mr. Julian Braithwaite


Central banks are becoming increasingly involved in green finance. Indicators of this growing interest include the creation of the Central Bank and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System (established...
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Mr. Rafael del Villar Alrich
Mr. Alexander Barkawi
Ms. Danae Kyriakopoulou
Mr. Frank Elderson
Mr. Masamichi Kono

Forum Outcome and Closing

The Forum’s Closing Session will bring together high-level officials from UNCTAD and the partner organizations to report on the outcomes of the various sessions, presenting the immediate deliverables list and...
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Investment Village

09:00 – 18:00, Tuesday, 23 – Friday, 26 October

Country and Organization Exhibition

The World Investment Forum will offer member States the possibility to showcase their countries’ investment opportunities in the Investment Village. The Village, located in the proximity of the main meeting rooms of the Forum, will feature public investment exhibitions, ensuring visibility and interaction.
The official opening, involving high-level UN and partner country officials, will take place on 23 October at 13:00.

Private Sector Solutions for Sustainable Development

The private sector will be a vital partner to public efforts to direct more investment effectively towards sustainable development. This session, organized in the format of investment stakeholders networking breakfasts or luncheons, will be the opportunity for private sector entities – global TNCs, SMEs and Foundations – to present their existing programmes and initiatives in support of sustainable development to the international community.

IIA-related Break-Out sessions by external partners

Tuesday, 23 October

08:30-10:00, Room XXV

ESCAP and ITD : IIA Reform and sustainable development: sharing Asia-Pacific experiences

12:30-14:30, Room XXVI

UNECA : Promoting transformative investment in Africa through regional integration

12:30-14:30, Room XXII

South Centre: Reforms and alternatives for the future of the international investment treaty regime: views for the way forward

Wednesday, 24 October

08:30-10:00, Room XXVI

ICSID: Designing the next generation of the ICSID rules

09:00-10:00, Room XXV

CCSI: Rethinking international investment governance: principles for the 21st century

13:00-14:30, Room XXVI

FES, ICJ and IISD: Investment for sustainable development: incorporating investor obligations in trade and investments agreements

Thursday, 25 October

08:30-10:00, Room XXVI

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nyenrode Business University andUtrecht University: Towards realization of the SDGs on the national level: challenges posed by international investment law

13:00-14:30, Room XXVII

FES, ICJ and IISD : The future of investment-related dispute settlement: options and models

Friday, 26 October

08:30-10:00, Room XXV

OHCHR and Heinrich Böll Foundation: The right and duty to regulate in the context of mega-infrastructure investment

08:00-09:30, Room XXVI

CUTS International: Improving policy coherence to attract export oriented FDI for sustainable development: taking forward phase 3 of IIA reform

The break-out sessions are organized under the sole responsibility of the above-mentioned organizers. The UNCTAD secretariat is not responsible for the content of the discussions or for the material provided during the break-out session.

Side Events

Monday, 22 October; 09:30–13:00, 16:00-18:00; Room XI

Financing the SDGs: How can parliaments bridge the gap?
Symposium for parliamentarians

Monday, 22 October; 10:00–13:00; Room XXIII

Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) Workshop
Showcasing Investment in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Projects

Monday, 22 October; 10:00 – 13:00; XXVI

International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR) Workshop
Accounting for Bitcoin

Wednesday, 24 October; 9:00 – 10:30; Room XXVII

Presentation of Report: Energy Investment Risk Assessment (EIRA) 2018
Energy Charter Secretariat

Thursday, 25 October; 18:15 – 19:45; Off Site

The Future of Corporate Income Taxes: Lessons for the Emerging and Low Income Countries

Friday, 26 October; 13:00 – 14:30; Delegates Restaurant

Inter-Agency Technical Committee Meeting on LDCs (by invitation only)